Recruiting new officials for the CYO West Diablo league

We are currently recruiting new officials for the CYO West Diablo league. No prior officiating experience is necessary. The first step is to register as a West Diablo official on the Ref-ology website.  This will be used as a means of communicating with you. Once you register on there, we will send out a group email with training and meeting info. There is no cost or fee to register.  This is a two step process. First register for the website. Then sign up for the workshop labeled CYO West Diablo.

CYO West Diablo will pay $26 per game per official at all levels of play, and you will be paid by the league coaches prior to the start of each game.

Additional details will be discussed at the upcoming training prior to the season’s start (date and time are TBD). If you have any questions feel free to reach out. We look forward to working with each of you!


David Arden


Shelley Russi

(510) 551-6705


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